Aya. It's a Gravity Falls-like thing.

Chapter 1: A Rip In Our World, And He Comes Falling Edit

-Nobody's POV- Edit

It was an unusually quiet day in the small town of Basoherri.  Everyone seemed to be content at home, no need to go anywhere.  Only one person noticed when the sky began to shake.  This was a young girl, only 11, playing by the woods.  She thought it was just her vision. Then, a faint sound of ripping, which wasn't even noticed by the girl. Then, a speck began to fall from the top of the sky. It then started to fly. The speck became a young man with an eyepatch. He floated around the girl and laughed manically.

Chapter 2: The Name's Bill Cipher, Wanna Make A Deal? Edit

-Bill's POV- Edit

"Oh, Basoherri, so nice to be back!  What are you doing out, Pietra, it must be 100 degrees!" I said, while circling around Pietra.

"Who are you, and how do you know my name?" Pietra asked, a bit frightened.

"I'm Bill Cipher!  And I know far more than just an 11-year-old's name..." I answered.

"You're a stalker!" shouted Pietra, freaking out.

"I'm not a stalker, just an omniscient dream demon!" I said, sort of confused.

"You're insane!  Dream demons aren't... real.." she replied, starting to  be pulled in.  The mind control was working.

"Sure I'm insane kid, what's your point?" I said."

I suddenly remembered, world domination is what I seek, Pietra would be perfect to start my plan.

"Hey kid, if you help me I'll give you the Garden of the Omniverse and get you the key to the Galaxy's Library." I said lieing.

There was nothing Pietra loved more than nature and books. "Okay", she said reluctantly.

And I shook her hand.  It was a deal.

Chapter 3: And He Puts Me On Puppetstrings Edit

-Pietra's POV- Edit

My head suddenly went numb. I couldn't feel, hear or understand what anyone said. There was only one thing in my mind now, WORLD DOMINATION. I looked around, but the only thing I could see and trust was Bill. Everyone else looked like monsters, someone who I couldn't trust.